Monday, April 4, 2011

AAR Sweet As Sin Review

Talk about fast turn-around!  My DIK review for Sweet as Sin is up on the AAR site today.  Didn't I just turn it in?

I'm taking a hiatus from reading review books at the moment.  I'm cleansing my palate, as it were, by reading a Kathleen Eagle book, A Certain Kind of Hero, which is a reissue of two books in one (Defender and Broomstick Cowboy), and reading a Betty Neels reissue, Winter Wedding.  After that, I'll be back onboard reading and reviewing Karen Hawkins' Scandal in Scotland, Gina Ardito's Nobody's Darling, and Dakota Cassidy's Burning Down the Spouse for Booklist before the April 19 deadline.

It was great to get to see Becca and her husband Dan in Berkeley yesterday.  I also got to pass on two galleys for her to read.  She says that highlighting doesn't bother her, and I hope she's right since I highlight my review books to death!

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