Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New to the Review Book Book Stack

Received two envelopes of books in the last couple of days, one from AAR and one from Booklist.  AAR sent along Leah and the Bounty Hunter by Elaine Levine, Healing Autumn's Heart by Renee Andrews, and Belonging by Robin Hatcher.  Having read the previous Levine books, I'm really forward to reading her newest.  The other two are new authors for me, so I'm hoping the best for both of them.

From Booklist are Virtual Virgin by Carole Nelson Douglas, The Heart of a Killer by Jaci Burton, and Baby, It's Cold Outside by Addison Fox.  Of this group, I only know Douglas whose Midnight Louie books I'd reviewed as a mystery fiction reviewer for PW.  I'm hoping her paranormal investigator series doesn't have a cute kitty attached to it.

Submitting my Booklist review should be interesting.  I "attended" the webinar on how to submit reviews to their system this week.  Now we'll see how much I actually learned!  It all sounded very easy and straight forward.  I just hope that's true.  Fingers crossed on this one.

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