Friday, August 5, 2011

One Out and Four Received

Turned in a review of To Have the Doctor's Baby by Teresa Southwick this morning to AAR.  I really had high hopes for this one: A medical fundraiser, after an amicable divorce, asks her ex to have sex with her so that she can become a mother.  I was hoping this would be about what motherhood and fatherhood were really all about and how these two went from self-absorbed singles to become a caring couple.  But, no.  Hope was dashed.

My Booklist editor sent me four galleys:  The Spy Who Left Me by Gina Robinson, Wild Thing by Robin Kaye, Hot Zone by Catherine Mann, and A Soft Place to Fall by Betsy Rogers.  None of the authors' names ring a bell, which is kind of exciting.  When I get an author I've never read before, I always go into the book hoping for the best.  Wouldn't it be really exciting to find a top-notch writer who is waiting to be discovered?  Almost like opening an ordinary-looking box and finding the world's finest chocolates!

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