Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reviews Sent to Editors

Over the weekend I used the new Booklist reviewer submission system to enter reviews into their database for three books.  Doing so took me a while, but I finally managed to get the reviews into the appropriate spaces.  Now we'll see if my editor can manage to find them without any trouble.  The books are

* Baby, It's Cold Outside by Addison Fox:  Can't wait to read the next one in this series!  Fox manages to make the trust fund baby protagonist into a likable, believable person as well as her lawyer playboy love interest.  Quite a feat!
* The Heart of a Killer by Jaci Burton:  A better answer to the whodunit would have been for the one friend to have faked his death, but that's not what happens.  Still, this is a good solid story.
* Virtual Virgin by Carole Nelson Douglas:  Sometimes clever can be too clever, and this book is a case in point, just as I imagine the previous books in the series were.  Her descriptions, however, are to die for.

Also today I sent to my editor at AAR, a review of my first Kindle galley.  Reading for review on my Kindle will take some getting used to since I usually highlight tons as I read for review.  I did the highlighting with the Kindle, but then didn't go back and look at what I highlighted, a big mistake since I scrambled to find information.  As I said, this will take some getting used to!  The book I read and reviewed:

* Night Hawk by Beverly Jenkins:  Turns out the Preacher (Ian Vance), half Scot and half Black, has been mentioned in two other Jenkins' novels in the past and readers have begged for his story.  And what a story it is!  I can't wait to read her other Westerns if protagonist Maggie Freeman is anything like the others.  I absolutely loved kick-ass, take no prisoners Maggie and her romantic showdown with the compelling Preacher.  It's wonderful to find a new author to glom!

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