Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So Disappointed

My review of The Survivor by Shelley Shepard Gray is posted on AAR today.  I really, really was looking forward to reading this book since Mattie was such a compelling character in the other books.  In one of the previous books she nearly renounces her faith and her God when her cancer grows and grows.  She gets mad at her long-suffering mother and at the love of her life, Graham, because they have to see her at what she thinks is her worst.

When I read that Graham was going to be accused of fathering a child and then abandoning the pregnant mother, I was ready to see Mattie rear up like a dragon and defend her stalwart friend.  Instead, she, like the rest of the Amish community, believed the girl and didn't listen to Graham's denial.  What?!?  This is the loyalty his undying support provoked in her.  More than anything, I was disappointed in Mattie's character since she didn't seem to be worthy of Graham's love.

Unfortunately, at some point I'll bet that Graham will realize Mattie's defection and wonder about her profession of love.  I would if I were he.

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