Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cupcake Crazy

Cupcake from Cake Wrecks blog
 I read one too many books featuring chefs who opt for making cupcakes as a way of life, so wrote a blog piece for All About Romance about how I don't get it.  As my day has gone from silly to absurd today, I didn't get to the AAR site until a few minutes ago.  Surprisingly, I found quite a few responses to the blog!  Readers are weighing in on the cupcake issue.  Who would have thought?

What's even more amazing is that so many people actually agree with me and don't get the cupcake mania.  Reviewing is such a solitary occupation, just like its other side--writing, that often I think I'm out of the loop.  So it's nice to know I'm snugly inside one loop, at least with AAR readers, that is!

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