Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Strong Silent Type -- Yippee!

After suffering through Emma Lang's Matthew, I'm not sure why I picked Brody to review.  But I'm sure glad I did!

Brody would be a real trial for any woman since he doesn't speak much and when he does he's pretty much barking orders that he expects to be obeyed immediately.  Getting him to treat a woman better than a dog would be a challenge.

Fortunately, tough as nails Olivia is up to the task.  She has none of the girly wiles that Brody has seen used over and over again.  Olivia will never want a piano in her parlour unless she plays the piano and enjoys it.  She will never ask Brody to do something impossible to prove that he loves her.  She's practical and down-to-earth, just what's needed in the Wild West.

Reading how these two get together was a joy that I'm really happy to pass along in my AAR review today.  I just hope the rest of Emma Lang's books live up to this one.


  1. and so, do they? i see this is part of 'the circle eight' but are the other books good? i trust your opinion!!

    1. So far there are only the two books out, so I'm waiting to see what the next one's like. The next one's about brother Caleb who's a Texas Ranger. According to the author's website ( readers also get to see the missing Benjamin. All in all it sounds good to me--but then Matthew sounded good in syopsis.