Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Buried Treasure -- Aaarrrrggghh!

One of my favorite yearly AAR features is the Buried Treasure recap that features the books and/or authors the reviewers think are wonderful but haven't had the press acclaim they need to bring them to the eyes of romance readers.

This year's group, like those mentioned every year, appears to be a motley collection of titles and authors.  The difference is that this year includes two M/M titles.  Like book in any of the romance subgenres, there is wonderful as well as mediocre and even awful fiction by talented and not-so-talented writers.

I wish I could have contributed more than just the two titles.  So in the spirit of sharing, here's a list of the A and B books in the M/M genre I've read this year:

A list romances:

The Cranberry Hush: A Novel by Ben Monopoli:  A 2011 book
The Nothingness of Ben by Brad Boney

B list romances:

Aria (Blue Notes) by Shira Anthony
A Better Man by RJ Scott and Jaime Reese
But My Boyfriend Is by K. A. Mitchell
Chase in Shadow by Amy Lane
Chaser by Rick R. Reed
The Coil by L. A. Gilbert
Coming Home by MJ O'Shea
Dex in Blue by Amy Lane
Drown by Alex Jones
End of the Innocence by John Goode (a compilation of novellas, I think)
Family Unit by Z. A. Maxfield
Good Fight by Andrew Grey
Kamikaze Boys by Jay Bell
Out by JW Kilhey
Papa's Boy by Sue Brown
The Party Boy's Guide to Dating a Geek by Piper Vaughn and Xara X. Xanakas
Second Hand: A Tucker Springs Novel by Marie Sexton and Heidi Cullinan
Shane and Trey by Auyta Sunday
Something Like Winter by Jay Bell
Tigerland by Sean Kennedy
Ty's Obsession by SJD Peterson
The Way Back by Carter Quinn
When One Door Opens by JD Ruskin

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