Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dancing Their Way to Love

This weekend my review of Dance with Me by Heidi Cullinan is featured on AAR.  If there'd been a little more information about one of the characters, I would have happily given the book an A rating.  But even with its B+, I'm glad I've got it on my Kindle and will have it read again wherever I go.

Actually, there are a few of Cullinan's books that I've enjoyed.  Her men act and sound like real men, and not feminine parodies.  I especially like the Tucker Springs books and I can't wait to read Family Man even though I'm bummed that neither Amazon nor Samhain Publishing have a page count for it.  I'm staying away from novellas and short stories these days.

In other news, while we were away celebrating my mother's 90th birthday last weekend, AAR ran my Desert Isle Keeper review of After the End by Alex Kidwell.  The story revolves around how one man gentles another back into the world of the living and loving.  Brady is a caterer and top-notch chef, and uses his talents to lure Quinn in a non-threatening way back from his grief after Quinn's partner of ten years dies of cancer.  It's a solid, compassionate book about a touchy subject.

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