Saturday, June 1, 2013

Finding Love along the California Coast

Z. A. Maxfield's St. Nacho community has quickly become one of my favorite fictional places.  Unlike Daniel, in The Book of Daniel, I think I'd really enjoy living there.  I know I enjoy reading about the fictional people who populate it.

But I can understand Daniel's point of view.  Since his life is in turmoil, he doesn't see St. Nacho as a safe, relaxing, laid back place to grow roots, but another anchor trying to tie him to a lifestyle he hasn't chosen.

Cam, Daniel's love interest, has been a favorite of mine in previous St. N books, so it was wonderful to see him paired up with someone who will not be intimidated by his larger-than-life body.  He definitely needs someone who will stand up to him and who doesn't mind pushing, something Cam hasn't seen much in his life.

Also, I'm beginning to think that I'm a sucker for Maxfield and anything she writes.  I'm very happy I stumbled onto this great writer.

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