Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Beauty of Salvage

Only Con Riley could make the beauty of salvaged articles compelling.  In Salvage, one of the characters explains, “Salvage is everything we keep here—old things that can be used again by a different owner. Sometimes, finding out about where all these things came from, and about the people who might have first used them, is worth far more than treasure.”

That comment stuck with me for the entire book, and I've often thought of the "old things" scattered throughout my house that I'm using.  Unfortunately, many of them, like the old TV cabinet in the living room that we transformed into a stereo unit, we have no idea about the people who owned them first or why they gave them away.  I would love to know about that TV cabinet and also the upright piano in the family room with its inlaid gold, copper, and shell images.

How did the cabinet end up in Colorado and the piano get from England to south Texas?  Who were the people who bought these items and why did they let them go?

Riley's poignant book looks at family and friends as it does the salvaged items, giving readers more than a satisfying romance, giving them something to ponder as they look around the people and things in their lives.

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