Monday, December 2, 2013

So-So Shipboard Romance

I've only taken one river cruise and never wanted to repeat the experience either on a river boat or on a ocean liner.  In The Reunion, Hauser's account of two guys in their mid-30s who meet again after not having seen each other since high school gives so much detail about an ocean cruise that it's helped solidify my decision about cruises.

I can't imagine being bombarded with food and alcohol for two weeks.  As I recall the trip down the Danube with my family members, being on board was great fun for a day or two.  After that, every one of the excursions looked wonderful.  In fact, any way off the boat seemed like paradise.

When my husband and I took a river cruise down the Nile, the allure of Egypt and the endless stretches of desert that we could see from the upper deck took some of the trapped feeling away from the cruise.

Having been married both times, I never experienced meeting up unexpectedly with an old high school flame like in Hauser's romance, so maybe the cruises would have been a little more exciting if I had.

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