Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Slow Way to Gay

Author Riley Hart seems to be implying that some people are just on a collision course and are in each other's orbit in Collide.  I don't know if I really believe that, but Hart does go a long way to persuade me with a very good story.

What I liked best, and don't say in the review, is that Hart ties up all the loose ends very well, making what seems to be a coincidence fit neatly within the storyline.  I like the symmetry of that since so much of the fiction I read these days reminds me of the buildings in Cairo, all bare rebars in the sky because finished buildings are subject to tax.  So the stories, like the buildings, consist of bits and pieces left handing.

Another thing that I liked was how patient Noah is with his friend Coop.  Deep friendship, which usually demands copious amounts of patience, is the best basis for a romantic relationship, meaning Noah and Coop have a very good chance of happily ever after, a rarity in many gay romances that are based solely on sex.

I'm not sure I would have chosen the cover as the one to illustrate all of this, however.  The cover models don't look like they're colliding nor do they look particularly loving.  But maybe the publisher thinks this will sell books.  Thank goodness (again!) for my Kindle, so I don't have to see this when I go to reread the book.

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