Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mixing Series Is a Mixed Bag

I've really enjoyed both the Whispering Pines and Guards of Folsom series by SJD Peterson, so much so that I was really to read the latest one in the Guards series, Pony.

This time around the psychologist, who helped Bobby and Rig in Tag Team and who is a Dom in their New York City BDSM club, finds love where he least expects it.  Along the way, he gets to put the brother of Lorcan (from Whispering Pines) through an in-depth tutorial about the D/s lifestyle.

All of this sounds really promising, yes?  Unfortunately not because neither man is particularly unique or three dimensional.  As a tutorial on what the lifestyle should be and the benefits for people who fit the profile and adhere to the rules, then it's a great book.

As a gay romance novel, a tutorial, however, just doesn't work.

Does this mean I've given up on Peterson as a writer?  No!  What this means is that Peterson has proven herself just as human as the rest of us who play with keyboards for a living.  Sometimes the results are wonderful (which has been the case in every book she's written so far) while sometimes the results are not so much.

This is Peterson's "not so much" novel.  I'm waiting for her next books, which I'm confident will be back to her usual excellent standards.

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