Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Gay Romance for Coffee Lovers

I'm a tea drinker myself, so the overall setting of B. G. Thomas' Hound Dog & Bean, Bean's coffee shop, isn't really my cup of....tea.  (Sorry!  Had to do it.)

But Thomas' book is a lovely romance in the true sense of the word, a bringing together of two hearts.  That they're brought to together by coffee and dogs is something foreign to me and something that should have put me off the story.

But Thomas' nearly lyrical passages and the magical realism when Hound Dog and Bean visit a special tree won me over.  Lyrical passages and magical realism aren't what appear in any other gay romantic fiction as far as I'm aware, so I wasn't really prepared to have both qualities pop out at me.

The book didn't make a coffee drinker out of me nor did it tempt me to adopt a puppy, but the story has stayed in my mind for months.  Every once in a while I remember a particularly beautiful scene and smile.

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