Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dear Goodreads Authors

Today I got a message from the Goodreads Team that they want me to cease and desist from posting this message in the review section of a book:  Watch for my review at (the name of the venue at which my review will run and the URL for that venue).  I review for All About Romance, Booklist, and The Romance Reviews.

After my review ran at the review site, I always change the Goodreads review to be the first four or five paragraphs of the review with the last paragraph as Read read the rest of my review at AAR, Booklist or TRR with the permanent URL for the review.

I posted the first message as a courtesy to authors who might want to know if their books will be reviewed and where it will be reviewed, and the second so authors and readers would know the review had run.  It never occurred to me that this would be unacceptable to the Goodreads powers that be.  But it is.

I understand that Goodreads is a fan-based site, but I didn't understand that the fans (or at least The Team who represent the fans) don't want to know that your book is being reviewed somewhere else.
So now that I've been called on the carpet (or to the principal's office as it actually feels), I'll stop notifying you at Goodreads that your book is going to be reviewed.  If you want to know this, you'll have to go to Shelfari or Library Thing instead.
Thanks for reading this note,


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