Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What Happened to Boehme?

I've read a few of Boehme's gay romances and really enjoyed them.  But his latest, Where the World Ends, is so different in writing style (and not in a good way) that it reads as if it were written by someone else.  What happened?

Anyway, here's the beginning of my review written for The Romance Reviews and a link to the rest of the review:

In Where the World Ends, a naive police officer and a disillusioned Native American discover that there's only one thing left to find at the end of the road: yourself.

When 27-year-old Will Cooper's Sacramento police career comes crashing down because of a mistake in his personal life, he accepts a job in Washington State on the edge of the Wichinow reservation. At the Gray's Harbor County sheriff's department, Will tries to build a new life and new career.

But that's not easy since there's a long history of bad relations between the sheriff's office and the Wichinow tribe. When he stops 18-year-old Johnny and 16-year-old Chris Delacruz for stealing their grandmother's car, Will subsequently finds himself in the crosshairs of the tribe and its litigation-seeking lawyer because Johnny accuses Will of abusing Chris.

Colin Sharp, a member of the Wichinow tribe and a youth advocate at the area high school, has noticed Will around town and is attracted to him. As he gets to know Will, Colin can't believe that the mild-mannered, fair-minded Will could have abused the frightened Chris.

As the tribal lawyer and Colin's anti-white father, a tribal leader, rile up the members and prepare the suit against Will, both Will and Colin fight their growing attraction to one another until they finally give in and start what they believe to be a clandestine affair which ultimately blows up in their faces.

Read the rest of my review at The Romance Reviews.

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