Thursday, June 19, 2014

Delightful Bartender and Rock Star Combo

I absolutely loved this book and laughed so many times while reading it that at one point I couldn't read anymore because tears were streaming down my face.  Here's an excerpt from my review of Perfect Imperfections by Cardeno C. that was posted today on The Romance Reviews:

A world-famous rock star walks into a bar in the middle of nowhere one night might sound like the beginning of a joke, but this lively and often laugh-out-loud romance is no joke, but a wonderfully delightful story.

Jeremy Jameson, often called The Jeremy Jameson by his manager, eludes his entourage and keepers one night and happens on Reg Moore, a bartender with a heart of gold and an easy-going manner that immediately seduces Jeremy.

When Jeremy asks Reg to become his pretend boyfriend and accompany him on his upcoming world tour, Reg, who's always wanted to travel, jumps at the chance. Jeremy is beautiful and charismatic, and traveling with the rock star will certainly be no hardship.

Jeremy, however, turns out to be a prima donna, someone born with a golden spoon encrusted with diamonds. It's no wonder Jeremy's so hard to deal with for everyone but Reg because Jeremy's father, a former rock star, died of a drug overdose and his mother is an aging diva bedding men years younger than she is.

Undaunted Reg is just the right kind of laid back to calm Jeremy during his rants and smother the star in understanding and love, two ingredients missing in his chaotic life. At times they play off one another like Laurel and Hardy, their verbal interaction almost becoming a comedy routine.
Read the rest of the review at The Romance Reviews.

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