Friday, June 6, 2014

San Francisco, an Art Gallery Assistant, a Photographer, and Love

From my review of Art Criticism by Celeste Spettro that was posted at The Romance Reviews today:

An art gallery assistant and an annoying but popular photographer butt heads in this cross-cultural romp.

San Francisco art school graduate James wants to become a curator someday and knows the bottom rungs to the ladder start in private galleries as assistants. So he's at the Melissa Anderten Gallery (not Anderson as he keeps telling patrons) getting the experience he needs before moving on.

Although his jobs, from billing to making coffee, are often tedious, he's able to cope fairly well, except when he must deal with the wildly popular photographer Turkish whose work James thinks has peaked and whose pieces were somewhat derivative anyway.

Lately, however, Turkish has been acting even odder than ever as James puts together the photographer's new opening. Turkish has changed the title of one of his pictures after the brochure has been printed and now wants different, more expensive frames on a few pieces.

Since Melissa has put James in charge of hanging the show, James realizes this is his big chance to show his capabilities, but every time he's around Turkish, the man seems to be thwarting him.

Read the rest of the review at The Romance Reviews.

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