Thursday, July 10, 2014

Two Reviews in August 2014 Booklist

Two of my reviews are posted for August on the Booklist site for those who subscribe.

The first is for Takedown by Cat Grant, a gay romance:

In Grant’s second Bannon’s Gym gay romance, following Black Dog (2014), former mixed-martial-arts fighter Tom Delaney returns home to Lincoln Beach, California, to find his family in shambles and bad memories bubbling up at every step. Although the constants in his life—the café where he worked as a teen and the gym where he trained and competed—are still there, both are run down and lack the vitality he remembers, as do the adults who nurtured him. Only his former friend, lover, and sparring partner Travis, who gave him a concussion and knocked out two teeth during their last bout, still knocks him out romantically. Travis comes with baggage in the form of an ex-lover whose drug habit has put hit men on his trail. When the café is blown up, both Tom and Travis realize living day-to-day isn’t enough. They must plan for the future. Although at times hard to follow without having read the first book, this sequel packs a punch for those who enjoy sports romances. — Pat Henshaw

And the second review is of Sherryl Woods' Swan Point:

Woods proposes the notion that there’s nothing more self-centered than two people dating in a small town in her latest Sweet Magnolias cozy romance. When recent divorcee Adelia Hernandez starts going out with former town bad-boy Gabe Franklin, whose mother had been the town slut, the Sweet Magnolia group of gossipy women makes them the topic of conversation and a couple to watch. Adelia has her hands full, however, with four children, a disapproving mother and sister, a supportive brother with a new wife and baby on the way, and an abusive, resentful former husband. Keeping all the outside groups from sabotaging their burgeoning romance is nearly more than Adelia and Gabe can handle as they steal kisses wherever and whenever they can. Even fans of Woods’ chaste romances may be disappointed by this uneventful and colorless courtship which takes place while Adelia’s younger sister becomes a textbook battered wife.
— Pat Henshaw

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