Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thank You for All Your Good Words!

A big THANK YOU to Will Parkinson of Pride-Promotions for getting the news about my book out to reviewers and blogs yesterday, the release day for What's in a Name?

Here are some of the very nice things people said about the book:

From Sinfully...Addicted to All Male Romance (formerly Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews) (5 stars):

...the witty dialogue, the fun these two men have, the way they connected, and Guy’s ability to pull out some awesome dates was all so perfect and written so well.

This book is tucked away in my favorites to pull out when I need to remember than love can happen for all of us if we look in the right place.

From Queer Town Abbey (4 stars):

Whats in a Name was different, fresh, fun and had no explicit sex.


From Love Bytes Reviews (4 1/2 stars):

Pat Henshaw has delivered a wonderful tease! I so want more, more, more! I absolutely loved this short book and can’t wait for more of the story.


From MM Good Book Reviews (5 hearts):

This is one pretty damn cool and well-written story.

I really enjoyed the pacing and the cast of characters in this book. This is the type of book you can sit back and just read without thinking too much.

From Molly Lolly (4 1/2 stars):

This book was a fun quick read.

Where can you buy the book?

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