Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Behind the Scenes with Jimmy and Guy

Jimmy Patterson and Guy Stone of What's in a Name? are getting ready for two blog visits today.  Here's what's happening in their kitchen:

What’s that you got in your hand?” Jimmy asked.

Guy looked down, pecked a kiss on Jimmy’s brow, and answered, “Pop Tart.  Why?”

Jimmy frowned and plucked the Pop Tart from Guy’s fingers.  “That’s not a nutritious breakfast for a big guy like you.  We’ll be out visiting a couple of places today.  You’re stomach’s going to be making rude noises while we’re telling people about the book.”

Guy rubbed his midriff, and Jimmy got a lustful glint in his eyes.  Jimmy suddenly slapped Guy’s hand away.

“Nice try, but we’ve got to get serious here.  Or we’re going to be late.”  Jimmy turned and grabbed some cheese and eggs from the fridge.  “Here.  Grate some cheese.  I’m making you an omelet.  I also got some free-trade Nicaraguan dark that we’ll brew in the French press.”

As Guy sat down and started rubbing the gouda chunk against the grater, he asked, “Where we going today?”

“Well, first to Prism Book Alliance.  They’ve got some questions for Pat, so all we have to do is sit and look alert.  And not make any hunger noises.”

“Hey!  I didn’t say I wouldn’t eat a real breakfast,” Guy yelped.

“Then we’re going to Elisa’s blog.  You know, the one with her reviews andramblings.  Not really sure what’s happening.  We’ll see when we get there.”

When Guy was eating his omelet and toast, Jimmy zipped into the bathroom to get ready.  Then it was Guy’s turn.  By the time Guy got back, the kitchen was clean and Jimmy was munching on something.

“Whatcha got there?” Guy asked, pointing.

“Uh, Pop Tart,” Jimmy answered with a laugh.  “Let’s go!  We’re late.”

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