Monday, April 27, 2015

I Write Romance Fiction

The April 26, 2015, issue of McLean's has an interesting article that anyone interested in writing fiction, and romance fiction in particular, should read.  "Why romance novelists are the rock stars of the literary world" not only gives wonderful background information about romance writing, but also gives the history as it's exploded with the e-book revolution.

Filmmaker Laurie Kahn says that, "in the three to four years in which she worked on the film, “There’s been a revolution in publishing, and it has upended everything. It used to be that the power was completely in the hands of the publishers, and authors were like hitchhikers waiting by the side of the road, hoping some agent would pick them up."

Kahn explores the much-derided romance genre in a documentary film she's just finished.  When talking about GLBT romances, the article says, "books [are] placed in the 'cultural studies' section of major bookstores—the likely assumption on the part of retailers being that LGBT romance is too niche for general fiction. In other words, if you’re a run-of-the-mill heterosexual romance novel, you’re the subject of cheap ridicule, and if you’re an LGBT romance novel, you’re perceived as irrelevant outside the realm of esoteric academic study."

Fortunately, the electronic revolution has occurred and the romance genre is flourishing even more, and it's possible for anyone interested in reading about love and relationships to find a book easily and quickly.

For a novella which doesn't feature sex, I recommend my own "What's in a Name?"  C'mon, now, you're not surprised I'd push my own book, are you?

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