Thursday, April 16, 2015

What's Up, Pat?

Runway pictures from Men's Fashion Week. 
Fredi wears a suit like one of these when he meets Max for the first time.
Only Fredi pairs it with a red shirt and cream knit tie.  Lovely!
I'm currently in the middle of edits for the second book in the Foothills Pride novella series, Redesigning Max.  No cover or flashy art to show yet, so I'm using an image I pulled off the Internet from one of the European fashion shows to illustrate what Fredi Zimmer, the narrator of Redesigning Max, might look like.  He's a fashionista to the nth degree.

In the writing arena, I've submitted the third book in the series, Behr Facts, to Dreamspinner and am awaiting their decision whether to take the novella or not.  What can I say about it? 

Abe Behr and his younger brothers Ben and Connor are the heart and soul of Behr Construction Company, the firm that turns Fredi's designs into reality.  Abe's the stalwart, loyal, stoic linchpin of the company.  If he hadn't taken over when his alcoholic father stopped caring and working, the company which employs most of the Behr relatives in the area would have folded.

Abe thinks of himself as asexual until he meets CPA Jeffrey Mason.  The only problem is Jeff is a Mason, the family Abe's father hated.  In fact Old Man Behr hated the Masons more than he loved his own sons and lost his youngest, Dominic, because of his indifference.  So how are a Behr and a Mason going to get together?  And in the unsettled climate of queers moving into the Sierra Foothills, how are Abe's younger brothers, the Behr clan, and the community going to react to Abe's coming out?

All of those books are on the back burners of my mind since they're finished.  What's roiling around on the front burners are two novellas in progress.  More about them in future posts.

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