Sunday, September 27, 2015

Preliminary Stone Acres CA Map

Confession time: When I wrote What's in a Name? I never envisioned it as the first book in a series.  So I made up a town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains—a conglomeration of the cafés, shops, and sights I’d mentally gathered over many years as we took weekend trips and took photos for the photography class we joined.
It never occurred to me to keep a record of the fictional places or the people I created in the first book—or the second (Redesigning Max)—or the third (Behr Facts, coming late October 2015).  Shows what a novice I was (and am) at being a serious writer.
But as the Foothills Pride series grew and I was writing the fourth book (When Adam Fell, coming February/March 2016), I realized I couldn’t remember what I’d made up.  I needed not only a map of the fictional town of Stone Acres, especially Old Town, but also of the various characters, some of whom had duplicate names over the series.
So I’ve spent the weekend getting Stone Acres together before I finish writing the fifth book, Short Order, aptly titled by Frederick Eugene Feeley, Jr.  (Thanks, Fred!)
Now I not only have the map as you can see but also have a annotated list of people, places, and things in each book.  I’m armed to finish the fifth book and plan the sixth book as well.
If you’d like to visit Stone Acres, California, you can buy the books at the following places and wherever eBooks are sold:
What’s in a Name?
Redesigning Max

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