Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Vermont Is Lovely Today

We're in Stowe visiting our daughter, son-in-law, and grand-twins who recently moved to Vermont from Rome.  It's our first visit since their move, so seeing their two acres for the first time is a real treat.

Today's overcast and what those of us from California consider cold, but which our daughter assures us is merely chilly.  After taking the younger dog for a walk, we're going to do the Wednesday chore of going to the local dump where I hear the worker there is a real character.  Sizing our daughter up as a newcomer, he told her that the fee was 750 cents, which as she put it made her resort to her higher math skills.

Tomorrow or Friday we'll be taking the Ben & Jerry's tour which I'm excited to do.  I can't wait to roam around the cemetery with the dead flavors.

Today's also notable for me because my baby, Behr Facts, has released from Dreamspinner Press.  If you're following the Foothills Pride series, you can buy the third book starting today.  You can use the Amazon links to the right or buy it through Dreamspinner and everywhere eBooks are sold.

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