Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tired, Coughing, But Writing

After going to Orlando with many other Dreamspinner authors at the beginning of March, I got the airplane cold when I got back. Ugh.

Since I work better under deadline--I started off writing for metropolitan daily newspapers right out of college--I was so happy to get to talk to Lynn, one of the DSP founders, and set up a deadline for the books I'm writing on spec.

We decided I'd send in the 6th Foothills Pride series (Short Order) on May 1. Then I'd turn in my addition to the States of Love novella series (tentatively titled Big Red Love) by May 15.

Before then, edits on the 5th Foothills Pride story (Relative Best) begin April 7.

All of this sounded easily doable in Orlando at the beginning of March. Then I flew home to California.

The plane ride to Florida was a flying can of cold germs as was the flight back. I was sitting in an incubator and breathing in lungful after lungful of contaminated air.

Having a lower than average immune system, I came down with a cold March 10
. Though it started off looking like it might be benign, this cold has worked itself into being a contender. I'm sleeping in the recliner in the family room and taking a doctor-prescribed Sudafed with codeine so that I can sleep.

So instead of writing during a coherent block of time, I'm now writing by fits and starts--in between naps, coughing fits, and trips to the bathroom.

When I dreamed of becoming a fulltime writer and getting my work published someday, as I graded essays and reviewed books, I never imagined being a fulltime writer would be like this. My lack of imagination in this astounds me!

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