Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Some Fun Added to This Blog

J. Scott Coatsworth, a wonderful author from Sacramento, writes an ongoing series about life in Midtown River City for his blog, River City Chronicles.

Not only is this episodic story with its collection of recipes from the Old Country lots of fun to read in English, but Scott includes an Italian version for those who want to brush up on their language skills.

So that readers of my blog can keep up with the periodic story, I've put the page's badge to the left of this page. The badge links to Scott's River City page.

Another bit of fun I've added to this blog page is a link to Vance Bastian's Campfire Podcast. Vance is an incredibly talented narrator who magically transforms the written word to entertaining melody.

For his campfire stories, he takes novels and novellas that have a bit of a spooky edge--the kinds of tales traditionally told around campfires--and reads them an appropriately chilling fashion.

Give both Scott's River City Chronicles and Vance's Campfire Podcasts a whirl. You'll be glad you did!

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