Thursday, August 18, 2016

And the Reviews Keep on Coming...

Here are the reviews Relative Best snagged today:

Even though each book is billed as a standalone, there are a lot of characters in play and it can be overwhelming if you haven’t started at the beginning. If you’re looking for sweet-insta-love with low heat and easily resolved angst in under 100 pages – Foothills Pride won’t disappointment.

Love Bytes: 4 of 5 hearts
I liked the story, and I’m definitely recommending it. I’d recommend reading the other four installments as well. They could easily be read as standalones since the characters flow over, but the storylines don’t. It is an enjoyable short, fast read.

Three Books Over the Rainbow: 4 ½ of 5 hearts
Relative Best was like fresh air for me. This story is a real gem with a unique writing style and two intriguing, lovable MCs.

The story is perfectly built, with flawless writing, great timing and lots of feeling. I enjoyed every page of it. Highly recommended!

Are all the reviews this wonderful? No, not really, as you can see from these two:

Open Skye Reviews: 2 of 5 stars
I definitely didn’t feel a good connection between Zeke and Vic, and I thought the other “side stories” detracted from their main story and the overall feeling the story left was fairly muddy. I can’t recommend this – sadly – but I do recommend the rest of the series and encourage readers to look at those stories instead.

Overall, however, I just can't really enjoy this story. It's got all the elements that have frustrated me in all previous four books as well as some new ones. The characters are also much more loosely connected to the previous characters, so that I don't even get to see the likes of Jimmy or Fredi that much, to make up for it. For me, this one fell short on too many things, not least of which were uninspiring main characters and an underwhelming plot arc.

If any of this has helped you make up your mind to read the book,  you can purchase it at the following retailers and wherever eBooks are sold online:

Dreamspinner Press
Amazon Canada
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble

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