Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How Did the Foothills Pride Series Start?

Today on the MM Good Book Reviews blog site, I talk about how I fell into writing the Foothills Pride series.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I love--writing--and entertain people at the same time.

As I say in the blog piece, writing books and becoming an author have been dreams of mine for a long time. Having a series with so many books published overwhelms me when I stop typing and think about what's come so far and what I see for the future.

Below is a list of the series so far with links in case you want to buy the books:

#1 What's in a Name? Dreamspinner, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ARe, Kobo, Google Play
#2 Redesigning Max Dreamspinner, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ARe, Kobo, Google Play
#3 Behr Facts Dreamspinner, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ARe, Kobo, Google Play 
#4 When Adam Fell Dreamspinner, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ARe, Kobo, Google Play
#5 Relative Best Dreamspinner, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ARe, Kobo
#6 Short Order - to be released in December 2016/January 2017
#7 The Right Sort - to be submitted to Dreamspinner August 15, 2016

You can read books #1 - #4 in the paperback, Foothills Pride, Vol. 1 from these online retailers: Dreamspinner, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

And below are the books I'm working on for 2017. None of them have been accepted by Dreamspinner yet, so the titles and plots are speculative at this point.

#8 Seared: Marshall O'Shea buys Tommy Thompson's Original Steakhouse and wants to turn it into a family fun center. He never expected to fall in love until he met a special Stone Acres' resident who's appeared in other books in the series. (I've just started writing this one for submission in October.)

#9 Artistic License: Vic Longbow's stepbrother Hayden Weller opens an art gallery in Stone Acres and doesn't want to include any of Fredi Zimmer's work. Fortunately, Fredi has an ally in town who pleads his case and falls for Hayden.

#10 Buckaroo: The Christmas holidays are tough for itinerant cowboy Jake Vons, who decides to drown his sorrows at Stonewall Saloon, only to be yanked from the doldrums by Stone Acres' newspaperman Tony Donner, who struggles to put out the weekly rag and keep up the town bulletin board.

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