Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Three Loves of Pat Henshaw

Today I'm at Prism Book Alliance, starting a new monthly column. I worried about what I could blog about when there were no parameters or directions given other than "write about anything." That sounds an awful lot like what I do writing fiction.

Miniature cupcakes and gingerbread people
Then it occurred to me to break down my everyday life into the three areas where my heart lies: my miniature making, reading, and writing. So I think for the Prism blog, I'll concentrate on those three loves and update them for a year. I do have goals for each.

MINIATURE MAKING: Finish the quarter inch French bakery I started years ago. And if I do that start on another of the many projects I have. If I could completely finish two projects, this would be a banner year.

READING: Expand my reading of gay romances to include fantasy and sci-fi. I'm burned out from a string of sex scenes interrupted for a dollop of plot. I need more plot and stronger characters and fewer sex scenes that aren't original or needed in a book.

WRITING: While keeping the Foothills Pride series going, I'd like to finish the first of a series that's been bugging me to be written for a few years now. I'm going to be pitching it when I'm at the Dreamspinner retreat, so I won't say anything more about it until I get their take on it.

And that's where I'm planning to go in the next year. Who knows if this is the path I travel? As I say all the time, we'll see.

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