Monday, May 1, 2017

Introducing Frank and Christopher

Here's how viewpoint character Frank McCord describes himself in Frank at Heart:

The men in my family were clones of my grandfather as far as appearance went. We’re all tall, thin, and geeky, with prominent Adam’s apples, pale blue eyes, and dirt brown hair. The only differences began internally and seeped out externally as people got to know us. My grandfather was addicted to Stoker’s chewing tobacco and Jim Beam, but only indulged outside work hours. Dad, on the other hand, at least early in my life, found religion and shunned all things mind-altering, except the Good Book.

I’d strayed from the straight and narrow after my preteen years. But I didn’t advertise it. My persona as helpful Frank McCord had long ago marked and unsexed me around here. Coming out wouldn’t serve any purpose now.

So I had spent years watching men come and go without a problem. Not this time. This stranger I wanted to meet and get to know. But how did other men do that? 

I was still working on the answer.
 * * * * *
Cover artist AngstyG took that description and came up with the cover. I think she did a terrific job, don't you? 

Open Skye Book Reviews is hosting a cover reveal today, so you can go see all about the book including an excerpt and a handyman gift card giveaway. So be sure to visit their site and enter the drawing.

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