Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Comings and Goings

My review of Heartbreak Trail can be found on today's AAR.  (See link at left for review.)  Author Shirley Kennedy must have read quite a few homesteader diaries and letters to come up with the details she uses in her gritty recreation of a trip across America in a covered wagon.  As we complain about the delays in airports, it's good to remember that there once was a much worse way to travel cross country and thousands of people did it with not nearly the number of complaints.

I sent off reviews to Booklist for Demons Prefer Blondes and Kiss of Snow last night.  Demons has probably one of the snarkiest heroines I've ever read.  It's a talky book, and I wondered at times whether the war between one of the Devil's princes and the fallen angel sent to kill him would ever begin or if it would just be talked to death.  But I know that many younger readers (younger than me, that is!) enjoy snarky, so I didn't pan it.

Kiss of Snow, on the other hand, was a wonderful read.  I thought I was burned out on shape-changing
wolfmen and other denizens of the other world, but Nalini Singh convinced me otherwise.  In fact, I'm going back to read a few of the books before this tenth one.

I'm just finishing Death Amid Gems which is a cozy police procedural, which is a definite blending of the lines.  It's written in that terse, no-nonsense-ma'am tone so much that I can almost hear Joe Friday of Dragnet reciting it to me.  All that's missing are the dates and times that always started his recitations.

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