Monday, March 21, 2011

Reading and Writing

Three new reviews went up on the All About Romance (AAR) site in the last few days: Restless Heart by Emma Lang, Rebel with a Cause, and today Texas Blue.  Since I have no more books to read for AAR, they are on my back burner until I get new fodder or I find time to review a book that I just read on my Kindle and absolutely loved.

Sweet as Sin by Inez Kelley, an author I'd never read before, features one of the more tortured heroes that I've read in a while - and that's including the Rebel above.  If I'm given the go-ahead and review it, I'll be sure to link to it on the side where the reviewed books are.

So what am I reading?  Demons Prefer Blondes, a talky, talky, talky paranormal, by Sidney Ayers, and Nalini Singh's hardback debut, Kiss of Snow, another paranormal that I'm really enjoying.  In the to-be-read pile are Death Amid Gems, But Remember Their Names, and Nearly a Lady - all for Booklist.

That should be enough to keep me off the streets!

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