Friday, March 11, 2011

Finishing Texas Blue and Starting Rebel with a Cause

Fortunately, Texas Blue is living up to my expectations.  In fact, I will probably end up buying it for my Kindle and making it one of my Desert Island favorites.  Author Jodi Thomas has written a nice juxtaposiion between a gambler and a woman wary of men, and has added a nice subplot with a lawyer/Texas Ranger and an abused native Mexican woman.  With about 50 pages to go, I still have high hopes for this book.

I've gotten a little over 40 pages into Rebel with a Cause and am already dismayed.  My likes for romances are so minimal: two people who are decent, likeable characters and a love story I can buy.  So far Mr. Hero isn't too likeable, so I'm getting leery about liking this one.  Really, it's difficult to wish jerks well.  But things could change.  He may be prickly and rude for a reason - but it better be a pretty good reason for me to buy his lack of manners and haughty attitude.

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