Friday, May 20, 2011

Today's reviewing

So I have my work but out for me today: Writing reviews of Lynn Kurland's One Magic Moment, Carolyn Brown's Walkin' on Clouds, and Cindy Jones' My Jane Austen Summer, all for AAR.  Kurland was her usual wonderful self while Brown was okay, but not okay enough that I'll ever seek out another book by her, and Jones is as pretentious as Jane Austen books with reader's guides usually are.  Reviews to come, as they say in journalism--or at least used to say.

My editor at Booklist emailed yesterday and asked if I'd review the latest Jackie Collins novel, Goddess of Vengeance.  I said yes even though I haven't read one of hers in ages and can't remember if I liked them or not.  We'll see!

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