Friday, September 23, 2011

Two Reviews to AAR; Reading Booklist duo

Over the weekend I sent in reviews for Leah and the Bounty Hunter by Elaine Levine and Healing Autumn's Heart by Renee Andrews to AAR.  AAR is wonderful in that I get to pick which books I review from a list sent to me.  But why I pick substandard books from the five to six page list is beyond me.  Since I like to read new authors, I usually check with Amazon or B&N to read a quick plot synopsis of the books whose authors' names don't ring a bell.

I knew Levine because I'd read her two previous books and enjoyed them.  But I'd never heard of Andrews.  Sigh.  And now I still wish I'd never heard of Andrews.  Enough said.

Today I start writing AAR reviews for Belonging by Robin Lee Hatcher and Night after Night by Janelle Denison.  I'd never read anything by either author, but will look for further books by one of them.  Read the reviews to find out which!

And finally, on the review front, I'm currently reading Silver Sparks by Starr Ambrose for Booklist.  So far so good, but I'm only about a third of the way through.  A lot of times a really good book is ruined in the last third or quarter.  We'll see with this one.  It's got an intriguing plot about a woman who takes on a murderous celebrity and the popular press who chronicle his life.  What a tangled web!

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