Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leah and Her Honey AAR Review Up Today

The review of Leah and the Bounty Hunter by Elaine Levine ran today at AAR. 

I loved the character of Leah, a girl who is raised in a town under siege by a tyrannical sheriff.  Leah is educated in the art of self-protection and wilderness arts by a crusty mountain man, another great character.  And Jace Gage, the bounty hunter in question, is just the right guy for the feisty Leah.  It's a great, over the top Western tale that readers of the penny press would have adored.

Now on to reviewing three books for Booklist:  Briar Patch by Linda Sole, a soap opera drama set in Britain; Silver Sparks by Starr Ambrose, one woman's crusade against a killer media star amid the glare of the popular press; and Demons Like It Hot by Sidney Ayers, a sequel to Demons Prefer Blondes about the world going to hell because two women opened the wrong antique box.

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