Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Austen Love

Can I quote from my own review?  Oh, sure, why not?  As I say in the first paragraph of my review of Victoria Connelly's A Weekend with Mr. Darcy:

"As Jane Austen might write if she were here to see the industry her works have propagated: It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a female reader in possession of a copy of Pride and Prejudice, must be in want of a Mr. Darcy. Or so today’s publishers would have us believe."

This is an absolutely delightful book that goes beyond the same old, same old romance tropes.  Connelly's characters are not only immersed in Austen and her works but they also are fully aware that Austen herself would be amazed at her present-day following and aware that there is something in their lives that makes them obsess the way they do over her books.

The cover, obviously, doesn't do the book justice not to mention it makes the content look like it might be aimed at high school girls when the protagonists are in their early thirties!  Really, Sourcebooks covers are pretty much always a disgrace to the writing they enclose.

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