Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not Head Over Heels

I really, really wanted to like Head Over Heels a lot.  Shalvis is my kind of writer--straightforward, witty, charming--all the ingredients for a must-read author as far as I'm concerned.

But when she gives the female protagonist a condition that is really familiar to me (asthma) and then makes her adult character disregard her condition and do potentially dangerous actions as if they were nothing, I'm left wondering how Shalvis can be so cruel.

Main character Chloe's best friend Lance has cystic fibrosis, and while I'd love to read a romance about how he finds and woos his girlfriend, I shutter to think what Shalvis might do with a storyline like that after reading some of the really deadly places she went with Chloe.

Unfortunately, this book doesn't just do a disservice to asthmatics, but also to those who don't know much about this condition and might think putting oneself in danger isn't that big a deal.  How sad.

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