Friday, January 20, 2012

Back in the Saddle

My review of C. H. Admirand's Dylan, the second of the Secret Life of Cowboys series, runs on AAR today.

Take a good look at the cover because another book I'm reviewing in the next few weeks will have a similar cover image.  When I saw the second book, Shadow's Stand by Sarah McCarty, my first thought was that I'd already read the book.

For months I've been laughing at the covers on Stumbling Over Chaos on which the blogger Chris makes a story from book covers with similar (often the same) stock images.  (As I write this Tyler, the first book in the Secret Life of Cowboys, is the first book in the story.  So I guess the Sourcebooks stock file is being heavily used by its "creative" staff.)

Anyway, Dylan was too cute to be believed, y'all.  Tyler and his brother obviously didn't thump the kid up side the head enough to make him a real person.  On the plus side, however, some of the guy-to-guy scenes rang true.  But readers will have to dig to find those scenes.

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