Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dancing on Buried Treasure

My review of Ellen O'Connell's newest, Dancing on Coals, was posted on AAR today.  O'Connell is one of those really good writers who doesn't pull her punches.  Dancing is no different from her previous two books.  If nothing else, O'Connell always makes me happy that I'm not living in the late 19th century.  Now if O'Connell could only come up with better covers!  Even a half-naked Apache would be better and more telling of the book's contents than the rodeo couple.

Also up on the AAR board today is the list of 2011 Buried Treasure books, books that were very good and which seemed to get no publicity or discussion, and dropped like stones in the glut of romances published.  Speaking of not for the faint of heart (like Dancing on Coals is), one of my buried treasure picks is an erotic romance between two gay males--definitely outside my comfort zone, but an outstanding read nonetheless.  Go figure!

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