Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just in Time for Valentine's Day

My review of Emma Cane's A Town Called Valentine was posted on the AAR site yesterday, and is there today as well.

Shortly after my husband I got married in Texas, we moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado, near the town of Loveland, which is where the Valentines cancellation stamp originates each year.  Cane's fictional Valentine, Colorado, sounds like it could partly be Loveland, but moved into the mountains close to Aspen instead of on the Front Range like Loveland is.

This is a light, happy romance with a minimal amount of angst.  I didn't appreciate that fully at the time I read it, but I do now that I've just finished reading Sasha Campbell's Scandals and Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster, both of which are so angst-ridden.  I'll definitely be more appreciative of light romances in the future.

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