Friday, April 27, 2012

First of a String of Winners

One of the joys of reviewing is reading a book that makes me sigh and feel really happy that I've read it.  Logan's Outlaw by Elaine Levine was the first of three books that made me feel this way lately.

I remember reading my first Levine Western a few years back and thinking at the time that she was an author to watch.  And watch (and read) I did.  Her books illustrate her love of the Old West and her love of history.

Best of all, her Old West isn't the PG-13 version of movies or televisions, but rather the Old West warts and all.  Logan is just what one would imagine a man who's been leading a solitary life for quite a while would be like.  Sure, he owns a string of outposts and trades with Native Americans, but most of the time, he's alone.  Being a thinking man, he's got his own opinions about the world around him which make him more than those who drift through life.

Sarah, for her part, while terrified of bigger, stronger people, is crafty enough to think her way out of difficult situations and has enough grit not to give up when life gets tough.  As it should, it takes her quite a while to understand that Western men can be kind a trustworthy.

Levine's book is the kind of Desert Island Keeper that is even better reading the second time around.  And Logan is the kind of hero every girl wishes to meet (and marry).

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