Friday, April 20, 2012

Holding the Bag

One of the more interesting, but underplayed parts of With This Kiss by Bella Riley (reviewed today on AAR) is that the real villain of the piece is Stu, the fiance who is found kissing his best friend by the bride-to-be.  Instead of manning up, Stu decamps with his best friend, leaving Rebecca not only to tell everyone the wedding is off but also to run the inn he owns and to pull off the festival he's organizing.

What a stellar fellow!

Since Rebecca was feeling that she and Stu weren't a match made in heaven, breaking off the wedding is the best thing to happen.  But to leave her with the rest of the responsibilities without a word is downright ugly.  This being fiction, Rebecca mans up.  But still, if Riley is planning a book around Stu, there's no way I'll ever read it.  Dumping on a friend like that makes him not worth the time or trouble, as far as I'm concerned.

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