Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When Opposites Actually Attract

In my review of From Father to Son by Janice Kay Johnson (posted on AAR today), I talk about how realistically an author brings together two different types of people and make their connection realistic.  Johnson has that touch.

What was really striking about his book was that the Niall who didn't think he wanted anything to do with a family didn't just slide comfortably into the role of father like so many romance books would have it.  Instead he backslid quite a bit, often barricading himself in his house and pointedly ignoring the people who loved him, most notably a little boy.  It was heartbreakingly real and made his acceptance of fatherhood more deliberate and therefore sweeter.

Oh, yes, and what I didn't talk about in the review was that Niall played the bagpipes for the Scottish Games.  I just wish Johnson had done a little more with that side of his personality.

And finally, we can add this cover to the desperately bad category.  I'm glad I didn't see it before I started reading the book.  I would have passed it by.

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