Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trust Fund Baby and Yes Man?

I'm still uneasy about Kristen Higgins' Somebody to Love even though I gave it a B grade on AAR.  Trust fund baby Parker was just so resentful of her father's right hand man, James, and was so hatefully snarky when she referred to him has "Thing One," that it was often stretched believability almost to the breaking point that they would happily get together.

I knew going in that Higgins isn't an easy writer to read.  She's like Delilah Marvelle, whose book Forever a Lady, I just read for Booklist.  Neither of them sticks to the romance ruts, so sometimes their books become messy or odd or too much to take.

But what's the point of reading the same formula over and over again?  Isn't it better to read something that might not quite work, but gives the reader an interesting ride?  My gut says yes.  The same old same old gets wearisome otherwise.

Thank you, Kristen Higgins, for taking chances and going upstream. Somebody to Love was an interesting ride.

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