Monday, May 21, 2012

Back from Surgery

On May 2, I had a growth removed from my right kidney.  The growth proved to be benign, and since the second I've been recuperating.  Before I went into the hospital, however, I read and reviewed as many books as I could.  Here are the reviews that ran on the AAR site while I was away from the computer:

All for You by Lynn Kurland was a real disappointment especially since I was looking forward to it.  Now I'm getting the feeling that Kurland has lost interest in her de Piaget time travel romances.  In fact this one seemed like a mediocre bone flipped to her baying readers.  And we'd hoped for so much better for Peaches who'd been burdened by an unfortunate name and now an unsatisfying romance.

Missing by Shelley Shepard Gray really grated on me.  This is the first of a three book series.  What this means for Gray is that readers who want to know the answer to the central mystery will have to buy each one of the short $13 books (for a total of $39) to do so.  If the other two have such simplistic romances, there's no bargain to be found.

Fortunately, Just Down the Road by Jodi Thomas saves this trio.  Rancher Tinch Turner and ER doctor Addison Spencer are a wonderfully wounded couple, and Thomas makes their coming together totally believable.  I also enjoyed watching the YouTube video of Thomas talking about how she got the ideas for the book and where she writes.

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