Monday, July 9, 2012

Can Buy Me Love

I gave a starred review rating for Molly O'Keefe's latest Can't Buy Me Love in Booklist a while back.  Now LinnieGayle weighs in with her take on the book.  While she didn't agree with my A grade, she did give it a stellar B+ which makes us quibble just a hair.

LG does agree that when an author can turn an unlikeable character into a likable one that the author is doing quite a feat.  To turn two such characters like O'Keefe does into likable, sympathetic ones is the hallmark of a wonderful writer, someone readers should watch.

The cover, however, is another matter since that's definitely not the body of a 30-something ice hockey player who was fabulously talented but is at the end of his career.

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  1. Ha! Pat you're so right - he's like a 23 year old metro-sexual gym goer. He might do yoga.