Saturday, July 28, 2012

Honey, Does This Make Me Look Fat?

Erotica seems to be branching out these days.  In the far-ago past when I first read erotica stories and novels, they were wall-to-wall sex scenes with very little binding them together.  In fact, they were what I imagine early porn movies were like: no characters, only body parts.

My review of Heavy Issues by Elle Aycart went live on AAR this morning, and as I say in the review, this is a good erotica novel for contemporary romance readers who've toyed with venturing into the erotica pool.  There are real characters and real issues in this book as well as sex, sex, sex.  Aycart is good at writing steamy scenes and personal angst, which is a real feat.

Heavy Issues is a slender book that could have been fleshed out (sorry for the pun!) to make it a viable contemporary romance.  Just a few more scenes between Cole and Christy is all I ask!

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